Tổng hợp game nes đang là từ khóa được rất nhiều bạn đọc tìm kiếm. Vậy nên hôm nay Game 24h sẽ đưa đến các bạn nội dung Tổng hợp game nes | The NES Project – All 1380 NES Games – Every Game (US/EU/JP) thông qua video và bài viết dưới đây:

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Number of games: NTSC-U exclusive: 199 PAL exclusive: 16 NTSC-J exclusive: 668 NTSC-U and PAL: 117 NTSC-U and NTSC-J: 192 NTSC-U, PAL and …

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Cảm ơn các bạn đã theo dõi chủ đề Tổng hợp game nes | The NES Project – All 1380 NES Games – Every Game (US/EU/JP). Game 24h hy vọng đã giúp được bạn giải đáp được vấn đề, mọi thắc mắc hay comment xuống phía dưới.

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  1. Tengo 26 años y despues de buscarlo por mas de 8 años al fin pude saber cual era el nombre de este juego que lo alquilaba cuando era chico 3:36.53

  2. A colossal effort on your behalf! Your videos are greatly helping me to build my own retro games collection.
    I've found many new gems as well as rediscovering old ones that time made me forget! Thanks for helping give pieces of my youth back. 🙂

  3. I has been looking for the dodgeball on the street game of nes but don't know the name of it…………anybody know………….dodgeball on the street like bully

  4. A lot of the JP only games shown here actually have english versions. Battle city, Binary Land, Lode Runner, Choujin Yousai Macross or Macross Frontier as i knew it, Circus Charlie, Dig Dug. And these are just a few examples, unless you're taking the Famicom away as a separate console from NES

  5. This video is outstanding! The title is a disappointment US/EU/JPN. Do you live on Planet Earth or Planet USA? The reason that I'm saying this is the title indicates the US only. Where's Mexico? Where's Canada? We're all in North America, you know!

  6. I vied many similar videos but only here I found all those video games that I was trying to recall which I used to play back in 80s & 90s.

    Specially the name of the game that was in japanese like Tokaido Gojusan-Tsugi and Ninja Hatoori-kun.
    It was so hard to find those because some has it in a different spelling or no equivalent english title unlike the Milon's secret castle, Solomon's key, and others.

    I just wanna thank you so much for sharing this video. That was so fun. It was my pleasure to treasure and reminisce my golden days.

  7. I know this is a long shot but as a kid I played a game where there was a Blue and I think Yellow Dinosaur in it. It was a top down game. Anyone know it? (I know thats very little to go off of)


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